ONLINE EDUCATION (Online Information Technology Support Degree)

Technology support is a great career path for problem solvers who are good communicators and enjoy helping others. Computer support specialists work with customers and clients in all kinds of settings, while also performing day-to-day administration and maintenance of computer systems and networks.

Requirements vary, but there are technology support programs that can help prepare you to pursue careers in helpdesk and desktop support, end-user preparation, network support, and network administration. Career prospects are improving rapidly, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, as more computers means more support opportunities.

This program provides students with specific technical competencies for entry-level employment opportunities as a user support specialist or network administrator. Various job titles in the field include help-desk support, technical support, end-user trainer, network support technician or network administrator.

Students study current topics and technology advances in the IT field to gain a broad knowledge of hardware and operating systems, networked environments, PC components, troubleshooting common problems and user interaction.

Students interested in various levels of network certifications offered by independent testing facilities can benefit from the information and knowledge provided by this degree.

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will:
1. Create technical documentation and locate necessary online documentation.
2. Operate computers and networks efficiently and manage them effectively.
3. Apply research material dealing with organizational and technical support issues.
4. Analyze developments and trends in computer technology that impact software-based solutions.
5. Install and maintain computer hardware and software, and use troubleshooting strategies and techniques in correcting a variety of computer hardware and software problems.

The Information Technology Support Specialist program focuses on a growing segment of the Information Technology market. This segment provides service and support for software applications configuration, training of users, maintenance of information, and communication processes between a company’s back-end network administrators and middle to front-line employees and customers. IS/IT “service support” has been cited as one of the areas that has continued to grow regardless of a leveling off in other areas of IS/IT in the current slack U.S. economy.

In this program you will:

Learn the content and use of common business software applications and information processes (word processing, spreadsheet, database operating systems, network connectivity, etc.).
Learn to install, configure, train users, troubleshoot, and support the business software.
Earning an online degree has been the hottest rage in education and learning, plenty of undergraduates are looking out to take up some online trade courses. One of the reasons why this has become so popular over the years is because the web can offer so much transactions and information access in a short period of time, and if one can transact and negotiate using the internet then certainly it is no big surprise that it can be a lot simpler and much more inexpensive to study trade courses online that will enable people discover lucrative jobs and start new business ventures.
The online associate degree is a new undergraduate degree, which is made accessible by community colleges found on the web. Normally, it would require a student to take a two year course of study, and a 60 semester credit hours to fulfill completely compared to a degree course taken in a campus that would require 4 years to finish.
An associate degree online made accessible for willing students falls mostly in the Applied Arts (A.A), others would include associate in applied sciences and associate in business administration.
Associate degree online is the diploma, which shows that the person has a broad foundation in education with special training and educational privileges in a specific body of knowledge. It qualifies a person for higher paying jobs in his field of interest and aids them in achieving their career goals. It is better to choose for an associate degree online course in Applied Science as a degree for the same is given much more preference than any other course in an applied degree.
What Information Technology (IT) Associate’s Degree Programs Are Available?
Your program may develop skills in the setup, communication and storage of information through an organization’s network. Upon completion, your 2-year program may grant you an Associate of Applied Science degree.
You may be able to find distance education programs for this field, but they mostly cover theory, concepts and fundamentals. Most schools don’t offer distance education programs because of the reliance on hands-on experience installing and providing support for common computer operating systems, software applications and networking hardware. Your hands-on training may also develop a familiarity with Windows, Linux and UNIX operating systems.

You May Qualify For Financial Aid.

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